Heat resistant steel- / welding products

The boiler manufacturing plant W. Pilling Gmbh & Co.KG is a medium-sized industrial company with over 140 years of experience. It specializes in the manufacturing of heat resistant furnace parts made of steel or welding. The different products for the heat treatment and metal welding industry are produced at three different sites depending on the operational equipment.

The focus area in Altena lies in the furnace parts for shaft furnaces, hood annealing furnaces and belt furnaces as used in high temperatures. New parts, but also the maintenance of the customer parts require an extensive preparatory work steps like cutting, edging, spinning operation and pressing of beads until the final completion through welding of the heat resistant CrNi steel. In all cases we manufacture individually according to drawings or samples taken on-site. As a result, we can guarantee the exact fitting in the whole furnace.

The customers benefit from the large level of vertical integration in the milling process. Furthermore they benefit from the extensive hall and crane capacities so that even large-sized and heavy parts can always be moved. Salt bath pots and metal welding pots/tubs which are mainly used in magnesium-, lead-, tin- and zinc-alloys in furnace operation are part of the delivery program at this founding location. As a result, concerning any welding requirements Pilling is the competent partner when it comes to the hardware of furnace facilities, even on-site at the customers’ premises.

At our location in Riepe we manufacture special designs for the worldwide demand of hot-tip galvanising industry. There are almost no restrictions concerning size, dimension, shape and weight of the pots. Here you can find a significant element of the Pilling service package. As we use self made and healable holding furnaces, the metal- and salt-baths which are already in use, can be recirculated and continuously kept warm during the installation of new pots.

Ultrasonic measurement to determine the wall thickness of the boilers and pots is also part of the interesting service components. Thereby we can safely estimate the endurance and the organisation of special transportation with the help of our long-time partners in logistics.

When it comes to accessories, large welded furnace mount constructions are very popular with customers. Furthermore, the subsidiary company RSB GmbH (www.rsb-dortmund.de) in Dortmund manufactures steel such as subcontracting, furnace bodies and certified crane hooks for high temperature uses.

All in all, Pilling is the ideal partner for the emergency case furnace repair. With competent material advice, own large level of vertical integration including reliable short-notice deliveries, they reduce downtime and reflate the operation process at the customer’s location.


The range of products


Shaft furnace

  • Furnace retort smooth (Foto)
  • Furnace retort with guide cylinder (Foto)
  • Furnace retort beaded
  • Guide cylinder
  • Furnace cover with guide plate (Foto)
  • Retort furnace assembly (Foto)
  • Retort furnace components
  • Furnace body


Hood-type furnace

  • Annealing hood smooth
  • Annealing hood beaded (Foto)
  • Annealing hood miscellaneous
  • Ground pad
  • Annealing hood dimension check (Foto)
  • Furnace base assembly (Foto)
  • Hood-type furnace assembly (Foto)


Belt furnace 

  • Furnace muffle smooth (Foto)
  • Furnace muffle beaded (Foto)
  • Furnace muffle complete


Melting Furnace


Special supply pump

  • Liquid metal supply pump
  • Salt-bath supply pump
  • Lead mixer
  • Equipment
    • Steel
    • Heat resistant crane hooks
    • Furnace bodies
  • Service
    • Holding furnace for metal melts and salt-baths
    • Pump performances
    • US-wall thickness measurement

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