Refractories and wire mesh products

Besides the already mentioned partners we also offer additional partners for furnace accessories and furnace circumference, who supply further materials and make further service features available.

Damages to the furnace occur due to temperature cycling stress and continuous operation in the high temperature sector. As a result, furnace types with a heat-resistant lining need to be checked regularly and, if necessary, the refractories and insulating materials need to be repaired/renewed as well. Our certified partners also offer fire resistant clothing with formed and unformed heat-resistant materials including concrete, glue and seal material according to the extent of the repairs. Long-time experience and trained staff can guarantee problem solution. On our own building yard pot deliveries of transportable furnaces are possible as well.

We also offer our assistance when it comes to wire mesh baskets, wire mesh cuts and snapping grids in different mesh sizes and wire thicknesses. Depending on the drawing or measurement of the different components we choose the perfect partner. Small batch sizes or bigger production needs are part of the product range.

In belt-type furnaces we also use wire conveyed goods that play an important role in operation costs. Especially when considering that every conveyor change means furnace freeze-ups and process stops. The question of chemical and mechanical wear and tear resistance arises anew in connection with the improvement of the means of conveyance. Every single application requires a special solution that our partner can master because of their experience, production possibilities, and verifiable successes.


The range of products and services

  • Heat resistant binding wire (Foto)
  • Wire mesh cuts
  • Wire mesh baskets
  • Snapping grids
  • Weld grinds
  • Hardening boxes

Our Partners


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